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Alive and Thrive launched in 2021.  

We are dedicated to empower individuals to heal through our programs in health and education.   We do this through a wide range of events, practices and global networks.  Transformation occurs when we dismantle distressess, we love ourselves back to health and build resilience. 

Alive & Thrive provides professional consultation services and sessions by a Medical Oncologist/Hematologist, Digestive Health & Detoxification Expert and a Medical Doctor certified in Biological Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine.  Our services provide knowledge, support, practical tools and guidance in your quest to re-establish health and balance.

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Our vision is to transform lives for optimal outcome and quality of life through modern and ancient sciences.


Our devotional healthcare team of experts provide healing tools for empowerment, growth and prosperity. We are committed to serve our community to shift illness to wellness.  We believe it is important to change your life and your whole body not just a “piece of you.”  

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"The beginning is the most important part of the work"




"Dr. Julie became my Oncologist when I found myself needing one in mid-2019. 

I hadn’t spent much time considering I would have a reoccurrence of breast cancer after 17 years. 

However, when life presented this to me, I found one very, very, busy Dr. Julie Taguchi.  What a Blessing. 

Medical expertise and knowledgeable is second to none.  Absolutely current, she’s incredible … curious, inquisitive, most importantly she was present. She listened to my desired journey for healing and recovery and took that journey with me.  

I knew I had the perfect Oncologist immediately upon our meeting…..

Most Sincerely with Gratitude and Love."

Alice Southerland / Ventura, CA

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